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About the RMS Disposal Fleet

watch for our red and white trucks with bold letters and an artisitc swoosh!

We are constantly maintaing, upgrading, adding and replacing the  RMS disposal Inc. fleet of vehicles. The service garage at RMS is very large with several bays, we keep our trucks in top shape in order to provide great service. Our goal is to be consistant in our service as well as effecient and as quiet as we can be.

Industries are ever changing, the disposal business is no exception. The days of one or two men loading with another driving a rear loader, has evolved into a single person both driving the truck as well as contolling the front loader or the automated side loader. our staff at RMS is dedicated to providing trained operators with the proper equipment all while doing our best to keep the dollars in West Michigan.

Call us at 231-788-5096 to learn more.

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